Events and press

2050 Events:

The Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action Net Zero Fashion event during the November Dialogues, in collaboration with Race to Zero:

London Fashion Week – Launch of WWF and Google textiles assessment tool, technical lead Laila Petrie from 2050

POLITICO’s Spotlight “Achieving Sustainability in the Fashion Industry?” with MEP Susana Solís Pérez, Mauro Scalia director of sustainable businesses at EURATEX and Laila Petrie Co-chair of the UNFCCC Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and CEO of 2050

IFC ClimateBiz podcast – Greening the Fashion Industry with Stefan Seidel and Laila Petrie

Copenhagen Fashion Summit

2050 in the press:

Accelerating Circularity — New Apparel Industry Group Kicks Off Project To Eliminate Textile Wast